Super Basic Drawing in FlipBook

This is a really simple tutorial that just shows you the very basic steps of starting to draw your own animated

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The Best Pencil Test Program Ever!

DigiCel FlipBook is everybody's favorite pencil test software. The animators on every major 2D animation film in the last decade used FlipBook for their pencil tests. In fact FlipBook is used more for pencil test than anything else because it's so fast and easy. One of the things that makes FlipBook perfect for pencil test ...

Introduction to FlipBook!

Here's an overview of the features in FlipBook 6. This video will be replaced when we get FlipBook 7 finished but in the meantime it will show you some of what you can do in FlipBook and a bit of how to do it. All of this is in FlipBook 7 too along with a lot of other new stuff. The rest of our videos go into much ...

Drawing 2

Here's the rest of the drawing tutorial done by Jason

Drawing 1

FlipBook has great drawing tools and an awesome light box with canvas rotation to make drawing your animation